Systemic Pathology(系统病理学)

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Systemic Pathology covers the morphologic features in various diseases. It principally explains the etiology, pathogenesis, pathological changes and clinicopathological relationship in combination with the cases. It helps students in medicine-related majors review pathological theory and improve professional English, while provides the public with rich online educational resources of popular medical science in the meantime.



Grasp the etiology, pathogenesis, pathological changes, and clincopathological relationship of common diseases in various systems.



The students are required to reserve some medical commonsense or basic medical courses like anatomy, histology and embryology and general pathology etc.



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1.Declaration 声明

The pictures in the course are referred to the books and websites listed in the References. They are applied in this course exclusively for education. We thank all the contributors.


2.How long should I study every week? 每周学习时间长吗?

We update 3-5 videos and one quiz every week. Each video is 8-15 minutes. Students can discuss with the teachers and exchange ideas with classmates over topics in discussion board. English is highly recommended.


Overview of systemic pathology and Cardiovascular system diseases(1) 课程概述 心血管系统疾病(1)
Overview of systemic pathology 课程概述
Hypertension 高血压病
Atherosclerosis 动脉粥样硬化
Coronary artery diseases 冠状动脉性心脏病
Cardiovascular system diseases(2) 心血管系统疾病(2)
Rheumatic heart disease 风湿性心脏病
Infective endocarditis 感染性心内膜炎
Valvular heart diseases 心瓣膜病
Respiratory system diseases 呼吸系统疾病
Pneumonia Ⅰ肺炎Ⅰ
Pneumonia Ⅱ 肺炎Ⅱ
Chronic bronchitis and Emphysema 慢性支气管炎 肺气肿
Bronchiectasis, Silicosis and Chronic cor pulmonale 支气管扩张 硅肺 慢性肺源性心脏病
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma and Lung Cancer 鼻咽癌 肺癌
Digestive system diseases(1) 消化系统疾病(1)
Gastritis 胃炎
Peptic ulcer diseases 消化性溃疡病
Carcinoma of digestive tract 消化道恶性肿瘤
Digestive system diseases(2) 消化系统疾病(2)
Viral hepatitis 病毒性肝炎
Cirrhosis 肝硬化
Alcoholic liver disease and Hepatocellular carcinoma 酒精性肝病 肝细胞癌
Urinary system diseases 泌尿系统疾病
Overview of glomerular diseases 肾小球性疾病概述
Glomerular Diseases 肾小球性疾病
Glomerular Diseases and Pyelonephritis 肾小球性疾病 肾盂肾炎
Kidney Cancer and Bladder cancer 肾癌 膀胱癌
Genital system diseases 生殖系统疾病
Cervical diseases 宫颈疾病
Ovary tumors and Breast cancer 卵巢肿瘤 乳腺癌
Gestational trophoblastic diseases 妊娠滋养层细胞疾病
Benign prostatic hyperplasia and Carcinoma of the prostate 良性前列腺增生 前列腺癌
Endocrine system diseases and Nervous system diseases 内分泌系统疾病 神经系统疾病
Thyroid diseases and Diabetes mellitus 甲状腺疾病 糖尿病
Bacterial meningitis and Viral meningitis 细菌性脑膜炎 病毒性脑膜炎
Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease 阿尔茨海默病 帕金森病
Infectious diseases 感染性疾病
Overview of Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis 感染性疾病概述 结核病概述
Pulmonary tuberculosis 肺结核病
Typhoid fever and Bacillary dysentery 伤寒 细菌性痢疾
Syphilis and AIDS 梅毒 艾滋病
Amoebiasis and Schistosomiasis 阿米巴病 血吸虫病